Julian Fauth – Songs of Vice and Sorrow
Electro-Fi 3391

Every man and woman has demons. Skeletons in the closet, if you will. Some people have an outlet for exercising these demons. Some may not. For those who don’t, allow me to introduce to you the new voice of the Blues - Julian Fauth. The long awaited release on Electro-Fi records is finally here. A master storyteller, songwriter and piano player, Mr. Fauth’s music has been described as ‘barrelhouse Blues with occasional flights of insanity’. In all honesty, I don’t believe there are enough words to describe the intensity of this young man’s performances. The new CD recording, aptly titled “Songs of Vice and Sorrow” contains a Pandora’s box of characters, stories, heartache and a full spectrum of feelings.
The opening track ‘Cobalt’ is a stunning example of Julian’s songwriting talents, vocals, and guitar playing. Telling the story of a drifter in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is reminiscent of pre-war Blues and the heart wrenching troubles our musical founding fathers’ may have experienced. ‘When My Mother Died’ is vehement with the lyrical imagery and haunting piano expertise. It also showcases Mr. Fauth’s one of a kind vocals, and features Blues legend Mel Brown on accompanying guitar. A favorite of live audiences across the GTA is ‘Winter Of 99’. Julian’s aptitude on the ivories is unmistakable on this track. With acoustic guitar, foot-stomping and outstanding harmonica, laid down by harp master Paul Reddick, and lyrics borrowed from traditional prison songs, ‘Big Brazos’ is a fine example of Julian’s ability to transcend the listener to another place and time.

There are 16 phenomenal tracks on “Songs of Vice and Sorrow”. Each one is outstanding in form, originality and genius. It is hard to believe that our boy Julian is living in modern times while listening to this disc. As he puts it, there is something for everyone: murder, robbery, drugs, gang violence, prostitution and pure Blues. This CD is the Blues in all of its’ purest forms. Julian Fauth is a musical force that cannot be reckoned with, duplicated or even imitated. It is as if he was chosen, long before his birth to carry the weight and continue the work of early American Blues masters. Visit www.electrofi.com or www.julianfauth.com for tour dates, CD purchasing information and a history of the man who will be responsible for the second coming of the Blues.

© Sarah French 2005