i work for a medium sized hvac company, in their warehouse and doing deliveries and pickups, taking care of inventory etc etc. it's a company where we all know each other to some extent.

recently a service guy who plays some guitar and has jammed with Jo and me a couple of times got an idea to do a jam at the shop. so between him and me we got it together, and today's the day. we have a drummer- guy who backed me and Bluesboy Jag last week-, bass player, a few guitarists, and i'll be ready in case any songs come up that need a harp lick. i'm bringing the small p.a. and a few extras and everyone else is bringing what they have. no idea if we even all know any songs in common or what skill livel we're dealing with, but that's kind of what this is about. we want to promote some solidarity besides working at the same place, and see where everyone is at skill wise and taste wise. i also have no idea who sings in this bunch or what they sing!

Jolene is sitting this one out. she is pretty well decided to go ahead and keep working with guitar her own self but only after some good stretches, and only for short intervals at least for a while. meanwhile we are keeping an eye out for a free piano locally- seems like when you aren't looking there are dozens and when you are there are none!- and hoping a small upright will appear one day soon.

so in about an hour i'll load and go to the shop and set up the p.a. and a couple of amps. stay tuned.