/wave.gif guitar.gif Hi Y'all, Lady Plays The Blues is broadcasting on www.stroudfm.co.uk and this week the Featured Artist on the show is KENNY SULTAN! WOW! A great show as usual but especially great this week coz I got to interview KENNY SULTAN when I met him @ a Blues camp earlier this year. He is one FINE Guitarist so dont miss this show!TWO HOURS of FAB Blues Music! Broadband streaming on Friday nights 8pm-10pm UK Time, repeated on Sundays @ 11pm-3pm UK Time AND for all you Night Owls, Night Workers + Folks in the States + on other time zones Tuesday @ Midnight-2am UK Time. This week my featured Artist is KENNY SULTAN! but I will also be playing some Great Trax by Mike Dowling,Miccheal Roach, Steve James, + Toby Walker amoung others so Tune In + ENJOY! My Name is Marion Miller + I AM! Lady Plays The Blues! XXX specool.gif guitar.gif