wasn't able to see all of this one since i was playing. caught the last of the replay @ 2am when i got home. saw about the last 40 laps.
cousin' carl edwards won and, did his signature somersault. cool. boyer's car was banged up but, finished 5th even with bear bond all over the front of his car. carl did what he needed to do and, is putting the pressure on boyer for the championship. beautiful. edwards is contending for both this one and the cup. that would be something. he'd have to do a double flip if he could do that. we'll see how he does today in the cup race.

i hate to see her leave but, i love to watch her go.
money can't buy happiness but, it'll rent it.
i'm here for a good time-not a long time.
ain't no bad music. just bad musicians.
'Oderint, dum metuant'
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