had a gig saturday night, got loaded afterwards, came home and jumped back on the forum. stayed up all night so, i slept through the race. woke up to the last lap on the speed channel-just in thime to see hamilton make a pass at the last corner to steal the championship away by ONE POINT from massa, who won the race. i cried like a baby. hamilton had to finish fourth in order to win. massa made his victory lap thinking he had won the championship. he was crying, too. replay on wednesday so, ill get a box of kleenex and, some party favors to watch it then.
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i hate to see her leave but, i love to watch her go.
money can't buy happiness but, it'll rent it.
i'm here for a good time-not a long time.
ain't no bad music. just bad musicians.
'Oderint, dum metuant'
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