Hello dear fans.
Release of the new Art Pepper album is scheduled for late April, 2008.

It features: Art Pepper, Milcho Leviev (playing like an angel; the best he ever played), Bob Magnusson and his gorgeous bass, and Carl Burnett.
Fromat Fairfield Hall (great acoustics), Croydon, England, on May 14, 1981, it was recorded via the sound system at the hall and collected by a guy who collects these things and who has graciously opened his entire Art Pepper collection to me. The quality is excellent.
The recording features a 22 minute "Make a List, Make a Wish," which can be heard on my website at http://straightlife.info.
It will be a TWO DISC SET. There will be a 12 page booklet with photos and recollections of this tour, descriptions of band members, histories of the tunes.

It's a wonderful collection of bebop, blues, and ballads.
Looking forward to lavishing all this beauty upon you! L.

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" Jazz is the music of the freedom of collective improvisation."- Duke Ellington in Music Is My Mistress.

“I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.”
Duke Ellington quote

It is from the blues that all that may be called American music derives its most distinctive character.-James Weldon Johnson

"And what gift of America to the rest of the world is actually most appreciated by the rest of the world? It is African-American jazz and its offshoots. What is my definition of jazz? 'Safe sex of the highest order.'"-Kurt Vonnegut