Gina and her band played Rockland last night at the Timeout Pub. What a great night of blues that was. Gina was in fine voice and Dave Gross was just smokin'. They had a stand-up bass player that just spanked the bee hay-zoos out'a that bull fiddle.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear such a classic blues approach from such a young unit. Dave's style really resonates with me. Straight into an amp, no bologna. Of course, when you have a vocalist like Gina you can get away with a stripped down sound. It's kind'a what I'm trying to do with the band I'm in.

They didn't bring a harp player but it's plain to see that they would be hard to beat with a guy like Dennis Gruenling on board.

Check 'em out if you get the chance. thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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