Trivia Guidelines

For all our forum members,

These guidelines have been drawn up to make the playing field as level as possible for anyone interested in taking the challenge in testing their Blues IQ. It isn't necessary to be a Professor nor does anyone need to possess a college-of-the-blues degree to play along - what is necessary is the desire to have fun and possibly learn something in the process. Please go over these guidelines before jumping in...

1) Trivia honors are based on the usual question-and-answer system. Please do not arbitrarily toss in questions.

2) The member who has posted the question currently up must reply to all answers in a timely fashion. Please do not post questions if you will be away from the computer for extended periods of time - work, vacation, day trips, etc. - as these delays slow the game down. If you have honors and won't be around, please pass your turn along by posting in the trivia section that you are passing your turn, or you can notify another member, or members, by private message. In addition, if you plan on being away from the computer when your question is up, please be responsible and forward the answer to your question to either a friend or moderator who can keep tabs on the trivia game during your absence.

3) Correct answers must be given AND affirmed by the member who currently has honors. Even if you are positive that you have answered a question correctly, please wait for a reply before taking the floor and posting a new question.

4) Multiple answers are NOT allowed unless the question asks for multiple answers. In other words, if you think the answer to the current question is either Muddy Waters or Howlin' Wolf, you cannot use both names as an answer to the current question. If the current question specifically asks for multiple answers, it will be posted as such. Example: Please name two artists who recorded 44 Blues - Answer: Howlin' Wolf and Roosevelt Sykes.

5) In order to keep the playing field level for everyone, all players can use their favorite search engine(s). By allowing the use of search engines, complete novices can join in the fun and have a chance at answering the most difficult of questions posted by the professors of the forum.

6) If your question is currently up and no one seems to be answering, or if incorrect guesses have posted, it is your responsibilty to add clues to help the game maintain its flow.

7) Please make sure your questions pertain to blues. Do NOT ask questions on the subjects of punk rock, avant-garde, country music, automobiles, airplanes, or any other people, places, or things unless they pertain to blues.

8) Use discretion and fair practice when playing and please consider other members who may want to join in and play trivia. This forum is for all members and it is based on equality, fairness, and friendship.